Which is better? A Website or a Blog?

I see this question come up a lot! Which is better a website or a blog? WordPress is a website building platform that is also a blog and this is generally what causes the confusion. You have the option of whether to use that blog or not. There is also free and paid WordPress –…

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5 Tips to Enjoy Your Kids Around Your Biz and Stay Sane

Look at the door knob! One years difference.

My baby started full time school today. WOW. How that has flown. Everyone said the time would fly but when you’re in the midst of it all, book work surrounding you, to do lists and client calls to make it feels like it will last forever. Today I am going to reflect upon my first…

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Why Does He Bring You Down?

why is he bringing you down

Do you feel that your biz may be causing a rift in your relationship? Do you constantly hear yourself saying things like “he just doesn’t understand”, “why doesn’t he support me” or him saying things like “you’re always on that computer” “are you making money yet”? In all my years of coaching one of the…

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Introduction to Selling On-line and On-line Marketing


Well hello there! Getting on-line can be completely confusing and what I see happen a lot is ladies rush out and create products and then wonder why they hear crickets… no sales, no customers just crickets. It’s completely disheartening. To get a grasp of what’s involved I’ve made you this video. Enjoy! Please leave any…

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Ready for a Breakthrough?

massive breakthrough

What is stopping you from succeeding? Do you hear yourself saying things like “I don’t know enough” “I’m not ready for this” “I have a huge potential and I’m not doing anything with it” “How is she doing so well? I know more than her” Then today’s video is for you! Press Play! It’s time…

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Blowing the Whistle on Speaking / Selling from Stage

whistle blower

Have you ever been to one of those full day speaking gigs / workshops where at about the 3/4 mark throughout the training an offer is made and a rush of bodies go running to the back of the room like crazy people credit card in hand at the ready? To a new comer this…

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10 Tips to Create + Keep Wealth

For the larger part of my life I chased money. If you had of asked anyone who knew me what I was all about, it’s a pretty safe bet they would have said “MONEY”. When I wasn’t working in my job I was either learning how to make more of it, multiply it and spending…

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I don’t know what to do next

The road leading to where we want to go is never straight and in my case for most part, I felt like it was often dark with no street lights and I had to feel my way forwards, with every step, it was exactly like walking in the dark grabbing on to hand rails. This…

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Uncovering the “Laws of Attraction”: Beginners Series Part 1

I started to learn about the “Laws of Attraction” many years ago, yet sat perplexed as to why the “Laws of Attraction” would not work for me!  I declare, that I used to be a bonified shit magnet! Unlucky in love, life and money…. or so I thought! This post comes following my biggest pay…

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How to Reprogram Your Mind for Automatic Happiness and Prosperity

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Ready to feel energized, invigorated and re-inspired? Then sit down and buckle up sista we’re about to go on an AWESOME RIDE! Fact is, that if you’re struggling to feel AWESOME and INSPIRED then that will come across in your business and make you miserable……

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