51uBachc+9L25 Brilliant Business Mentors: Their Top Tips to Catapult You to Success – featuring Kat


In this quick-reference book for small business owners (who want to be business-builders), 25 of the most brilliant business mentors have come together to share their top business tips, strategies, and tactics to make it easy for you to succeed as an entrepreneur!

This book is a business work of art, designed with one clear goal: to move you forward quickly in your business, so you can thrive, excel, and enjoy greater profits. Each page is full of wisdom, know-how, and real-life business experience, to help you gain insight and direction for wild business success, with proven action-steps to make it exciting and possible!

Each author has been challenged to respond to five significant business prompts in five key areas, including:

back of book1. Mindset 2. Business Management (Running a Business) 3. Visibility (Marketing) 4. Sales 5. Money

These magical pages cover everything from right thinking and believing, to powerful productivity, simple systems, empowering environments, and leading for success. It uncovers some of the very best and most effective marketing tools and activities you can use and do to gain great exposure and attract your very best clients.

Need help with your sales process or funnel? Is closing the sale a challenge for you? Are you stumped on sales strategy? No more! Embracing the sales process, closing the sale, and increasing your sales and profits gets easier the second you pick up this book of brilliance! Gain understanding on pricing your products and services, discover how to invest in yourself and in your business, and uncover the money secrets that elevate entrepreneurs to the top of their dreams!

If you know you are ready to prosper, but need help getting there, then let the 25 brilliant business mentors in this book help catapult you to success! Learn More Here

success-in-high-heels-with-Kat-MikicSuccess in High Heels – featuring Kat

This book offers you 30 inspirational lessons to improve your life and your business so you are fully prepared to step into success in a meaningful and joyful way. Embark on a journey of self-discovery, enjoy each pearl of wisdom and apply them one after the other…. at your own pace and in your own time.

It has been written by Women FOR Women….with your desires, your goals, your dreams and aspirations in mind. We’ve all been exactly where you are so we know that road only too well; we know how bumpy, uncomfortable and stressful the journey can get, but we also know the right steps to take to overcome these trials and tribulations and smooth out the ride.

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The Art + Science of Loving Yourself First – featuring Kat

’cause your business should complete you, not deplete you!

The Art & Science of Loving Yourself First will help you contribute to the world from a rewarding and energizing position of strength, self-worth, and value, as you lovingly bring value to others.

Many heart-felt entrepreneurs struggle to make a living, a profit, and a difference, without pulverizing themselves to powder in the process!

It’s full of truths, tips, and action-steps to purposefully design a life rich in gratitude, peace, and abundance. It is possible to reach high levels of success without giving away more of yourself than is fitting or appropriate. Learn More Here