A note from Kat Heart, founder WWM

Welcome to the era of full emergence.

I believe we’ve reached an era in time where Women are transforming faster then they ever have before.

They are becoming enlightened, soulful teachers who ARE making a real difference in people’s lives. I believe I have been put on this planet to help the people who help people. To help those who’s soul yearns to to be on this planet creating and facilitating change. For those who KNOW deep in their heart and soul that they’ve been put here to do BIG THINGS.



This journey of business is an interesting one.

We’re all driven to create our business’s for various reasons. Whether it’s to have the choice to stay at home with your kids, to chip away at your mortgage or to move from a space of surviving to thriving it’s unique for all of us.

As Women, as Mothers as Girlfriends or Wives we can only ever do the best we have in any given situation – that’s all we’ve ever got! So be kind to yourself and allow yourself to enjoy the ride.

The road to building a successful, thriving business is not one without challenges.

I am really happy to tell you though, for every bit of hardship, every challenge or obstacle that you over come the YOU who lands on the other side of it get’s a little bit more awesome, wiser, humble and patient each and every time.

Embrace challenges

Step boldly up to the place most fear to go…

Welcome to Women’s Web Marketing.

This site has not only been created to help you make it on-line, it’s been designed to help you grow in to the person you’re going to need to be to be the Captain of the ship!


This is about you – the emerging brilliant Woman that you are, coming in to your own and doing what you want for you.


Fear not of people finding or following you.  The right people will always arrive at the right time. I will help you get your message, vision and wisdom out there so that they can find you. Think of me as one of the universes ‘middle men’.

Through Podcasts, Blog Posts and Interviews with those that have walked this path before us – I bring to you collective wisdom. I will also bring to you up-to-date strategies that we’re using right now to build our businesses.

Women’s Web Marketing has been established to be your portal when you’re seeking inspiration, motivation or assistance as you grow through your journey.


Let your light shine bright, trust that you’re always supported and remember that you will be sent what you need when you need it and when you’re ready the teacher will appear x



Keep the faith!

See you on the inside!

kat mikic



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