Which is better? A Website or a Blog?

I see this question come up a lot! Which is better a website or a blog? WordPress is a website building platform that is also a blog and this is generally what causes the confusion. You have the option of whether to use that blog or not. There is also free and paid WordPress –…

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Introduction to Selling On-line and On-line Marketing


Well hello there! Getting on-line can be completely confusing and what I see happen a lot is ladies rush out and create products and then wonder why they hear crickets… no sales, no customers just crickets. It’s completely disheartening. To get a grasp of what’s involved I’ve made you this video. Enjoy! Please leave any…

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Using Video for Sales Funnels and Marketing

Everybody knows that I am a massive fan of using video and I totally know that I make it look easy – BUT what you don’t see are the ‘behind the scenes’ cuts, mini tanties and red welts that form from banging my head against the wall… Sounds enticing right?! haha – well, it’s not…

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Learning to LOVE to Sell – Get Over Your Sales Fears and Increase Your Prices


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Using the Influence Principle in Marketing

influence pic

You will see me refer to “Influence Marketing” a lot! My platinum program is called “Woman of Influence”. Becoming a person of influence in your niche can have MASSIVE financial gains. I first learned the basis to these principles back when I first started to use Social Media for Marketing. In a nutshell, Influence is the ‘secret…

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Injecting Your Personality In to Your Brand – an Essential Part of Your Brand Strategy

social media strategy

When I’m on-line cruising the Social Networks (as you do), and checking out people’s blogs, one of the MOST COMMON thing’s I see is a lack of personality in the business. It’s set up all business’y which for most part you would think is correct, but I firmly believe that if you’re not weaving your…

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Wanted! Women Who Want It All

Do you ever feel like you want more? For me, being a “Stay at home mum” has been a top goal since my early 20′s (I like to plan ahead), but I’m not going to sit here and tell you it’s all beer and skittles, because it’s not! Sure the positives way outweigh the negatives,…

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Positive Cash Flow Web Properties

You may or not may know that I am crazy about property investing. Well actually I should say “was” it’s kind of past tense, I refrained from property investing when I became addicted to web marketing. The interesing thing is though, that I now relate what I do on-line to that of off-line property development…

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Rock-Tober List Launcher Special

    I think I have gone CRAZY! No really, completely insane. This morning I had a brainwave and thought “Kat, why don’t you do something crazy for October” so I have dubbed it Rock-Tober and it’s all about helping you ROCK your blog, get list ignition and actually make money in the process! This…

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Passive Income Profits


I have just had an amazing week with one of my clients. Almost 12 months ago she came out to me to show me how to get my baby to sleep – instantly I saw the potential she had to use my “Woman of Influence” method to expand her income and put a solid back…

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